sweet potatoAbout the Sweet Potato

Throughout history the sweet potatoes, an edible pinkish-orange tropical tuber plant with sweet fleshy goodness, are shown to be one of the most misunderstood vegetables. They are often confused with the yam, an edible starchy tuber plant distributed in tropical/subtropical countries, and are usually thought of as just a holiday-dinner side dish due to their color and taste. Another fact is that sweet potatoes are frequently referred to as “easy house plants for kids to grow in their schoolrooms. “Sweet potatoes are true to this as they are one of the most versatile, healthy, and taste friendly vegetables that are easy to maintain. On top of that before, sweet potatoes were used to combat diseases long, especially in children, long before modern medicines were able to do any good.


The sweet potato have a limited number of equal vegetables, as it is able to utilizing both the roots and foliage so one could live well-nourished for extended periods of time on this single vegetable. The roots are packed full of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and some essential amino acids necessary for the body and has been
The roots are packed with vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates plus some of the essential amino acids. It has been evaluated as one of the most nutritious foods available anywhere. A single medium-sized sweet potato has around double the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A and is rich in Vitamin C, iron and thiamine and Georgia specific sweet potatoes have over half as much Vitamin C as Florida orange juice per ounce.

Stepping into the past, during the late 19th century and early 20th century if a farm or plantation did not have its “tater patch” or acreage it was considered a “low-class” family/establishment. Before the days of super markets, home freezers, and fast food restaurants the sweet potato was often the only fresh vegetable available to many Georgia families. That was not as tragic as it sounds because every nutritionist knows that the country boy of yesterday who “took an old cold tater and waited” was still well-fed.
Sweet potatoes are like a type of super food; high in fiber, nutrients, versatility, and taste. It is because of these three key features that they are excellent to use as side dishes to nearly all meat groups; poultry, pork, beef, lamb or seafood. They can also be used as great substitutions for almost any recipe that require apples, squash or white potatoes. The sweet potato is possibly most recognized when it’s baked into a sweet potato pie, which an astounding number of people enjoy.

written by James Jackson